Saving City Park

Dear Friend,
By being at this page, you are showing that you care about City Park and want to support our efforts to make it better. Thank you!

The Friends of City Park are people like you, a community of residents of all ages and backgrounds, who volunteer their time, expertise and funding to support the effort to save City Park and enhance its condition.

Anyone can support us as a friend and we will be delighted to have your help.  
  • Start by signing up below—with your email address or phone number, we'll put you on our mailing list.
  • Send a donation —this is so important, it determines how much we can do for City Park.
  • To subscribe, send your preferred annual fees using the details below (Individual-KES3000, Family-KES3800, Student-KES2200)
Send your donation by cheque to 'Nature Kenya' or MPESA Paybill 100300 [Account: FOCP] - thank you again!
The Friends of City Park is a NatureKenya project 
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